Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Got A New Camera

It's a Sony Cybershot DSC HX1. It does all kinds of cool stuff, including Panoramic Sweep. This means I hold down the shutter button & pan, the camera takes several photos stitches them all together & makes them into a single panoramic photo.
Check it out, I took this one of the backyard this morning. It was so easy I haven't even read the manual yet!

Click Photo for larger view.


LisaTaz said...

Wow, April! That's so cool! Beautiful backyard, too! (except for the snakes, lol).

Sheila Bennett said...

Very cool picture! And unfortunately, I have lost our camera. Naturally, it was at the end dress rehearsal for my daughter's dance recital and I had been taking pictures all day long (she was in 5 dances). There were some great shots on the camera, and now they are all lost. Losing the pictures disappoints me way more than losing the actual camera. Anyway, I've been thinking of a new camera, and your picture really impressed me. I'll have to do a little research on the Sony Cybershot.

Aundria B. said...

Congrats on the new camera & love your backyard! Hopefully no snakes this time around).

Carrie said...

Woo hoo! Awesome on the panoramic!

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