Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Signed Up For Cathy Zielske's Design Your Life

Yup, I signed up for another online scrapbooking class. This one is also taught by the humorous Cathy Zielske over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. It's called Design Your Life, my interest was piqued by the email announcing the class it was titled "Earn Your Scrapbooking Design Degree", but it was looking at what was covered in the Class Syllabus that made me really want to take this class. I was in high school yearbook, some --- well I'm not going to tell you how many years ago that was... but I learned JUST enough about page design to know I enjoy understanding WHY things work and WHY things don't.

I tried very hard to resist this class... but the deck was stacked against me. Foremost was I really wanted to take the class. Next was Twitter-pressure. That's kinda like online peer-pressure, but a positive thing. I heard from a number of scrapbooking Twitter friends who took this class last year & raved about it... and those who will be taking the class along with me THIS year. I even heard from the course teacher herself who had this to say...

The great thing is that is what everyone who took the class last year has to say about it.

So another class... it's almost like making a new years' resolution to keep up this time. Julie Johnson, you're on! We're now Don't Fall (too far) Behind Buddies. How'm I doin' so far? Well it's day one and I already went into the classroom and looked at the materials & the first assignment... however, it turns out there was a pre-class assignment... so I'm starting out already behind. I feel RIGHT at home. LOL!


Anonymous said...

OK, don't stress that you are behind...I am too! May try to work on my stuff tonight but no promises. Are you doing it digi or traditional? I am going digi because I know I will have a better chance of sticking with it that way.
Have a happy New Years Eve :)

April said...

Hey Julie!
I like the idea of doing digi, but I am brand spankin' new to Photoshop Elements so I don't think I'll be able to do it digital. I am gonna try to do SOME digital or at least use some digitaly generated elments on traditional pages. It's the working with Text that really got me interrested in getting into Digi scrapping. I love words I think that's why I've done so much more blogging than scrapping in the last year.

I also have a closet load of scrapbook supplies that I plan to create from.

I'm not gonna stress about being behind but I AM going to try to make more of an effort not to fall too far behind (I don't know how you multi-classers do it!) Heading over to the BPS classroom right now!

LisaTaz said...

I hope you're enjoying this class because I was one of those "peer-pressuring" you to join up! I'm playing along digitally this time, with my forever access.

Cheryl said...

So how are you doing? I was doing great the first week and now find myself behind.

April said...

I am enjoying the class very much. I am far behind but have got back into my craft room and today I even CREATED something! I'm so glad you gurks talked me into this!!! I probably would never have got around to learning Photoshop, otherwise.

Now I'm eyeing that "hybrid" class.

But yes, I am Waaaaay behind. But ahead of where I have ever been before. Watching a few of the videos - piddling around with a template but never finishing making anything (embarassing!)

April said...

LOL did you know you were gurks? That was supposed to say "I'm glad you GIRLS talked me into this."

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