Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's up with me, today

Lately, I've been really enjoying Mandisa's new album , Freedom, and for the past 2 days, specifically the song "Definition of Me" which isn't available to add to my playlist below, but it's a great album and you can hear clips on her Music site

You can see Mandisa's Official music video for "He is With You" at

Last night I made the most delicious chicken drumsticks, marinaded all day in buttermilk and baked off in the oven at night -It's my intention to share that recipe at some point (click link above for recipe.) It was delicious and easy.... Ethan loves drumsticks but wouldn't eat the potato salad I served with it. At the end of the meal he pushed back from the table and told me he'd had enough meat and asked if I could make something with vegetables for tomorrow's dinner. Ah my baby loves veggies!
So today I need to choose what veggie dish we're eating & get the ingredients while we're out. I've decided on Verdure Al Forno - a wonderful cheesy Zucchini dish - almost like a zucchini lasagna. While thumbing thru the cookbook Everyday Italian by Giada De Laurentis in which this recipe appears I decided to also make a double batch of Marinara sauce, so I can make it into Pene with Vodka sauce later in the week. I love pink sauce (creamy red sauce) and in my opinion a good Vodka sauce is the pinnacle in that category.

I'm also hoping to get enough housekeeping done to leave me time to work on my album for the Big Picture Scrapbooks class I'm taking online; Cathy Zielske's Everyone Can Write A Little. It's not what you might think from the name. It's about learning to write in little concise bits... 140 characters at a time like a Twitter or Facebook Status Update. I have been Twittering away -but haven't done any of the album construction work yet... so getting that underway is on the slate for, today.


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