Thursday, March 26, 2009

Food Blog and Blendy Orange Drink Love

I love food, can you tell? I love preparing it and I love eating it. I love trying things that other people have prepared. Some people like art, some people are nuts over music.... I really enjoy food. There are so many senses involved, is one of the arts!

Davese Gallarini let me know about this wonderful blog...
I could spend all day looking at it and planning which recipes to try out (except I need to get started cooking dinner.)

We don't have Orange Julius anywhere near me, those are my favorite, but I have got addicted to the Orange Dream Machine drink that they have at Jamba Juice, but the one near my house is in a very inconvenient location for my house... so I've been trying other juice places trying to find one that's easier to get in and out of.

With this quest I discovered an new place to eat, today. A quick food step-above-fast-food type of place. It's called FROOTS. I know funny place of interest for a girl who is allergic to nearly every kind of fruit... but it was yummy! They have all kinds of shakes and smoothies (I count at least 38!) as well as fruit juices, wraps and salads. My location also serves breakfast wraps all day long - good to know for those times when I am craving a breakfast burrito - I never crave them at breakfast time when they're available. Besides everywhere else I know puts potatoes in them, which I don't like. So I'm sure I'll be back to try their Mexico Jack Breakfast Wrap another time. Today I had an Orange Dream it was like a creamsicle in a cup. I had them make it with soy milk and add an antioxidant shot to it. For lunch I had the Teriyaki Chicken Wrap, it had Pineapple and oriental noodles in it and was delicious. They grilled it on a panini press so it was nice and warm. I will definitely go back!

Hmmm did you know Orange Julius is owned by Diary Queen? I didn't until now. Those are thick-on-the-ground in this neck of the woods, so why no Orange Julius stores?! :(


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