Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quick Color Technique - Solid Image

Welcome to day two of this weeks Classic Artwork Blitz!
Yesterday I showed you how to use the quick color technique with a line image. The Fragrant Hand: Quick Color Technique - Line Image Today I will show you how to use it to shade and color solid images. You can color an entire image or you can add colors to an image stamped in a single shade.

First I made my stencil.
I knew that I wanted to apply 3 colors so I made 3 stencils by stamping 3 boats spaced well apart on Glossy Card stock in Archival Black Ink. I like to use glossy card stock because it holds up better for multiple uses and archival black ink because once it is dry it won't smear onto the colored image. I cut away the area for a single color from each boat, using an exacto knife.

Cutting out the stencil takes time, but I only have to do it once as I store the stencil with the stamp set and use it again and again.

Coloring the Image
I stamped my boat image in desert sand ink because I wanted to add color over the desert sand. If you want to use this technique with the entire image - stamp with a light color like buttercup that will be easy to cover, but dark enough to see to position the stencil.

I placed my stencil over the image lining up the part I wanted to color - you can tape the stencil into place using removable tape if you like.
Continue to move the stencil and sponge on the ink until all the sections are colored

Here I have shown you the progression of images from left to right...
1) Solid stamped image in Desert Sand
2) added red and blue to sails
3) added brown to hull.

4) The final boat is colored in red and brown only, this image shows darker shading on the front edge of the brown sail and at the bow and stern. This look is achieved by rubbing the ink strongly into the edge of the stencil where you want the color to be more concentrated.

Check back tomorrow (10 AM Central Time) to see more samples using this technique.
If you try this, please post a comment to this post and share the link to your artwork. I'd love to see what you make using this technique!

All supplies by Close To My Heart
Stamp Set: Light the Way (retired)


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