Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Work Cut Out For Me

Updated (more pictures) January 20, 2010.
See the first cleaned up section: Craft Room Shaping Up

On her blog: Capture The Memories, April290 is cleaning up her stamp room & calling for others to join in the clean up challenge.

I decided it was a good opportunity to get my room into working order.
I have my work cut out for me. It seems every time I get in here & get things on their way to being organized a major hurricane heads toward Houston. I promise not to buy any new shelving units this time, so we should be safe.

Here are the before pictures.
The first is what I intend to be my main scrapbook work station.

The second is the area I envisioned for working with machines, sewing, Cricut, Cuttlebug...

but I have found that I like the light better, here, next to the window (the worktop area is still in a cardboard box becuase I got it set up this far, then Hurrican Ike came barreling down on us and demanded my attention.

desktop close-up. See how the desk surface is even still in its box...

Window Wall.... lost more stuff... The kitty box sits in front of this so I have skinny little pathways. If I loose my ballance in here I'm gonna fall on a pile of stuff!

This last wall is the one I haven't even begun to think about. As I work things into the machine work area, I hope this will be a lot less crazy & that it won't be as hard to tackle as I anticipate.

Part of why I have just SO very much is I used to sell scrapbook supplies & when my mother passed away I got all the best stuff from her stash too.

I've burried this post at the back becuase I don't know that I want these messy pictures on the front page of my blog.


April said...

You can do it, yes you can!! Hey, I'm glad you're going to get started with me! Thanks for posting photos. It's really not as bad as you made it sound. I've seen a LOT worse - like so bad that you can't really open the door for all the boxes piled up on the floor and on tables.

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