Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Tale of Two Camera Phones

Last week I got a much anticipated new phone. I love my original Motorola Droid so much that I got a Droid 3. I love it, I'm in phone heaven. It can do so many cool new things my own phone couldn't, with one glaring exception. It takes horrible photos.

Any insight on a fix for this would be much appreciated, but I think I'm just out of luck on this particular issue :(
Original Droid Photos on Left - Droid 3 photos on the right.
Poppy Seed CasserolePoppy Seed Casserole
Poppy Seed Casserole2011-08-17_18-13-56_902
Poppy Seed Casserole2011-08-17_18-17-09_982
Poppy Seed Casserole2011-08-17_18-28-18_676
It's like the new phone everything has a pink, or beige tone to it. Some photos come out looking as if they were taking in sepia. I'm so sad, my old phone took such wonderful photos and was so good at capturing color.


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