Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Cranford Novellas

I just finished writing a review of this book for Amazon, it occurred to me that I should share it on my blog as well.

The Cranford Novellas (Girlie Book Classics) (Kindle Edition) by Elizabeth Gaskell

This collection of novellas was delightful. I was looking for something to read while doing Mom waiting. I needed stories compelling enough to grab my interest quickly in short bursts at a time, but not so overawing that I would have trouble putting them down when my wait was over. These books were perfect for that. I found the stories charming, was always happy to get back to them & had that reader's regret, when I came to the end of them.

These are the stories on which the PBS mini-series, Cranford, is based. I was impressed by the skill of the adaptation of weaving these several exclusive stories into a whole for the mini-series. I think I rather enjoyed the novellas the more for having followed a single thread through out. It is rather more like having a story related to you, than like reading a book. Oddly enough the thread which least interested me in the mini-series, that of Lady Ludlow, was my favorite among the novellas.

According to Wikipedia Elizabeth Gaskell was a Victorian Era novelist best known for her biography of Charlotte Bronte. I have linked her name to the Wikipedia article. Novellas included in this collection are: Cranford, Mr. Harrison's Confession, and My Lady Ludlow.

You can watch "the making of" video for the mini-series on YouTube Here: Unfortunately PBS has blocked the Embed code so you have to go to Youtube to watch it.


Aundria B. said...

I enjoyed PBS' broadcast of this series a couple of months ago and would love to read the novellas they're based on. It came on just a few weeks after I'd discovered her novel "Mothers & Daughters" at a thrift store, which I also recommend. It's encouraging to know that PBS' adaptation stayed really true to the storylines. I'll definitely have to look for them on my next visit to the library.

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