Monday, April 26, 2010

Everyday Adventures: 1

This is the first assignment for Everyday Adventures: How To Be An Explorer of your World. It's a 4 week class from Big Picture Scrapbooking taught by Tammi Morrison.

The thing that got me interested in this class was the idea of noticing more of the little details in my life. That is something I enjoy. It did not occur to me that there was an art end to the class. The field Notes are kind-of like an art journal concept. That is not something I've been interested in doing before.... so I give you that disclaimer. Here are my notes. I tried to make them at least colorful.

The assignment was called "Right Where You Are Sitting"

I had no room for a traditional photo so I printed a contact sheet sized photo of my tabletop that is at top right. The flower is punched out of a photo of the ugly sheet that is in my lap. My color printer is out of ink, I might replace those later... but I might not. I need to get used to the idea that everything does not have to include a photo. I'm very much outside my comfort zone with this class!


LisaTaz said...

It's fun to get out of your comfort zone every once in awhile. I'm really enjoying the class so far. I like your page very much!

Cheryl said...

This is so cool!

Carrie said...

Fun and neat doing it outside! Love all the colors!

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