Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The One About The Big Box

You may recall these photos, I blogged about this day. I think this is the first blog post that turned into a scrapbook page. I'm terribly pleased with the outcome.

These pages are made with CTMH's soon to be released Studio J online software. Grace Paper Pack and Stickease are also available as traditional product. I used the Jazzy Combination Pattern.

I feel like I really got the program to go outside the box this time. Oh dear, when I first typed that I didn't even realize I was punning.
I decided to go for a Sewing Notions theme with my embellishments on these pages so I used a lot of stitches and it was my intention that the brads would look like decorative pins.
I hope you can see that I added stitching to the date font... the font already had those crosspieces, I just put yellow stitches on top of them.
I stole the stitches from buttons and in some cases sized them up to 130%.

Here I discovered that you can apply Background & Texture paper to a journal box space. I layered and re-sized several of the My Stickease to take up this extra journal space and tried to continue the pin & stitch theme.

Here is the journaling. It's so handy to be able to lift journaling off your own blog!

Cathy Zielske if you're reading this (and I'm sure she's not) I've felt TERRIBLY TERRIBLY clever for at least 20 minutes, now! (Squee! She read & she commented!!!!)
Oh yes, the mentioned Uncle Brent is not pictured, as he refused to be photographed that day.


Carrie said...

Fun! Love all your details!

Cathy Z. said...

Oh, I'm reading it. Twitter is amazing don't you know.


Brandy Lees said...

What a great layout!!! Love the stickease layering!

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