Monday, March 8, 2010

Amazing People don't JUST Happen

I love this statement... but I don't know that it means to me what it means to most people.... what does it mean to you?

I see it as a Mom. Amazing people don't just happen, they're grown. Amazing people are grown, nurtured, encouraged. As a Mom of an 11 year old boy, this is my current mission in life... this is what I'm supposed to do. It's my job and privilege to grow this boy into an amazing person. How cool is that and WOW what a big responsibility, thank goodness it's a partnership; with God, with my husband, with my boy, with the people who choose to be important in his life.

Are you feeding & watering someone amazing?


Carrie said...

Nice post - something to think about. At first I read it to mean you have to work at it but after reading your view, I see it differently. Cool. :)

Anonymous said...

It makes me think of people like Frederick Douglass, and Bob Marley, and other people who others saw as amazing and inspirational. They didn't just happen, but they had to go through a struggle, and sonetimes hit the lowest point point. That's what made them wise and strong.

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