Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tip-Of-The-Day BLT with Avocado

OK I burned the bacon. I cook it in the oven and my hubby phoned while it was in & I forgot about it... but if you are still willing to listen to my advice... I have a tip for you, today. I love Bacon & Tomato sandwiches (not technically BLT because I don't like lettuce on them) I toast bread, I slather on mayonnaise, I pickles, bacon and tomatoes, sometimes mustard, but the BEST thing about Bacon and Tomato sandwiches if you can get it, is avocado!!! I was born in California where I lived until about 9 years ago & as is proper to a California native I grew to adore avocados. When hubby was being transferred to Houston, TX I had one question... "Can you get avocados there?" The answer came back "YES!" and the rest is history. (You don't get them for free because they are falling off your uncle's tree faster than they can be eaten... but hey, you can get them for ready money and that is good enough.)

Anyway on to the tip. Generally I mush the avocado up with a bit of salt and then smoosh it into the bread with a fork. At some point I noticed that everything tastes better if the dill pickles are touching the avocado. I don't know when it came to me, but I always do this now... the next logical step is to add a spoonful of juice from the pickle jar to the avocado when you moosh it up (then you don't need to add any salt, because the pickle brine is salty). It is so wonderful on the sandwich! It's so good I sometimes make avocado and tomato and skip the bacon. Heck I have made avocado and pickle sandwiches.

Sorry I don't have any photos, but Robert has the camera, today... and besides, you don't want to look at photos of burned bacon... but give it a try. Avocado and pickle juice, it's some good stuff!!!


colfin said...

There is a restaurant her called the Fly Trap... it was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. They have a sandwich called the BLAT. I don't like tomatoes so I do the BLA and it's awesome!!!!! I'll have to try the pickles!

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