Wednesday, July 22, 2009

At Our Timeshare: I love this place!

We've been enjoying every minute here at our timeshare in Carlsbad.

Nice ocean view

We're right above the flower fields which are not in bloom right now.

I love having a fireplace in our room.

One of the walkways with a firepit.
Here are photos of the family pool and splash pad.


There's also an onsite restaurant, basketball court, shuffleboard, Olympic swimming pool, fire pits, BBQ's a picnic area, Fitness Center,Game Room & Arcade. We love it here, it's so relaxing and family friendly.


Sheila said...

Wow - what a lovely place! And I absolutely adore the bright colors of the table setting. :)

April said...

The dishes are fun, aren't they. The resort is decorated in colors that match the bright colors of the flowers (ranunculus) in the fields when they're in bloom.

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