Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Woman Cleans Pantry on Last Day of Freedom

Today is the last day of school. Somehow this seems like a good time to jump in with resolutions... I'm not big with resolutions in January. I am usually reeling from the holidays at that point with NO interrest on taking on anything new... but at the start of summer... that's different. At present I do not work (an outside job) during the summer, so I always think I'm going to get so much done "in the summer." In the summer is my someday, when my ship will come in, except it never quite turns out like I think. Well this year I have a nice list of things I want to accomplish, we'll see how well I do at implementation...

I haven't been blogging so much lately because I have doing a lot more of reporting my life in 140 characters or less on Twitter and people answer back, it's been fun. I've done pretty well at keeping up with my online class at Big Picture Scrapbooks and overall I'm feeling pretty good.

So what am I doing with my last day of freedom? I'm cleaning out the mixing bowl & Tupperware cabinet, I'm re-evaluating the tools in the kitchen drawers, and I'm tossing expired food from my pantry. Fascinating, I know, but it was what I felt like doing, today. I hooked up the headphone jack in my laptop with the cable that plays my ipod on the surround sound system in my living room & I've been listening to podcasts... it's like talk radio where I decide what's on. It's made the time go a lot faster.
I've been listening to:
Sheila Wray Gegoire over at To Love Honor and Vacuum
The Ravenscrafts at Family From The Heart

And in honor of the (sort of) first day of summer we are having Taco Salad for dinner (also because it's easy and quick and tonight is a church night.)


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