Monday, April 6, 2009

The Shack - Chapter 6 - Book Notes

I seem to just be stepping out of all kinds of comfort zones, lately... I know this is a popular book, so I am hoping that some of you have read (or are reading) it too.

I'm reading The Shack, by WM. Paul Young.
I've only reached chapter 6, buy I have already come across the first little bit that made me pause and reflect. I like the idea of this.

It's in chapter 6 (in my edition of the book at the bottom of page 91 and top of page 92)

"He noticed that the room was decorated tastefully, with art that looked as if it had been either drawn or handcrafted by children. He wondered if this woman cherished each of these pieces as any parent who loves her children would. Maybe that was how she valued anything that was given to her from the heart, the way children seem to give so easily." from The Shack, by WM. Paul Young.

I like the idea of that. God measures the merit of what we give, not so much by what it is, but by the heart with which it is given. It is not the most beautiful and perfect thing that he loves most, nor the most effective, wide-sweeping, world-altering of the efforts of the saints. I find this encouraging. In this way my little contributions stand beside the great works of the saints and I am encouraged to listen to His promptings and guard my heart and motives, rather than concentrate on projected outcomes or widespread results. I am humbled that the greatest mankind (and I) can ever hope to achieve is as a child's crayon picture, and by this I am reminded that any outcome or success is not by my skill or genius but by the hand of God upon it. Not that I stop trying, but that I may be free of fear of doing it wrong. It is all childish drawings, anyway, if it is to amount to more, it is by the elevation of God.

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