Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Shelves in Craft Room

This is my stamping and scrapbooking area. Having supplies organized on this main work station has made such a nice change. Now I love to work in this room crafting or on my laptop. The white desktop makes it lighter and brighter than the old dark table that I had before.

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I have a lot of challenges in this room. Every wall has some obstruction to it, windows, closet doors, or access pathways into the room or closets...

This is an elfa shelving system from The Container Store. The entire system hangs from a support strip across the top. Robert installed the top strip for me, then I was able to place the standards (vertical keystrips) and brackets and shelves, myself. The beauty of this system is that I can change it around whenever I want to fit what I need at the time. I'm able to make the shelves whatever height I need and have a few options of shelf depth as well.

The desktop I am using at the bottom is 24" deep. It is completely supported by brackets on the key strips. NO TABLE LEGS AT ALL. I can zip all over in my rolling office chair and never bang my knees! At the back of the desk area I have Sterilite Show Off containers (Walmart) without their lids as storage for embellishments, distressing kit, and a power strip for plugging stuff in without having to crawl under the desk.

The next shelf up is 8" deep and holds my Ink Stak ordered from Stamper's Storage. I have the ShortStak which holds 60 ink pads and markers. I need Robert to paint it white for me. However, I am considering switching to the new carousel Exclusive Inks organizer from CTMH as that would free up a whole shelf of storage space. The small frosted drawers on the left (Container Store) hold adhesive and acrylic stamp blocks.

The next two shelves hold my stamps, sassy strands, buttons and flat packaged accessories. My Acrylix Organizer boxes are from CTMH.

The top shelf is 12" deep and holds (from left) my design books, binder for E-Size stamp sets, and My Accent, Eyelet, and Ribbon Rounds Organizer Cases. Finally all of my solid cardstock is at hand stored in Vertical Storage Files (Cropper Hopper.)


Tazzygirl2000 (AKA Erin) said...

I just have to say I LOVE your space! Those shelves from the Container Store are such a great idea, and I really like how clean and organized you are! Thanks for sharing both here and on the CTMH Bulletins!

Have a great day!

Jennifer said...

FANTASTIC!!! Wow, I'd love to come hang out with you in your stamp room one day!

Andrea said...

That is really cool! I love that the desk doesn't have legs that get in the way. Do you find the workspace on the desk big enough for projects or do you have a 2nd table in your stamp room? I'll have to make a visit to the local Container store! Would love to come over someday and play with you!

Enjoy your day ~ Andrea :)

April said...

At present this is the only table in my stamp room. It is plenty big enough for my stamping projects.

I do intend to get annother wall system like this for the wall to the left - so that I can get some storage racks out of there that are taking up floor space - right now the room is REALLY cluttered with other things on other walls.

The other shelving system I indend to be mainly shelving but I am considering haveing a narrower workspace (20 inch depth perhaps) on the bottom - more like a counter depth than desk depth. Where I can keep my sewing machine, Cricut, Cuttlebug, and Bind-it-All machines out so I will use them more. My sewing machine is still in its box (Christmas gift) at this point becuase I don't have an area to work with it... so I am hoping to get an additional set of shelves soon- or in January. I think the salesperson said the Elfa system would be on sale again in January.

Patty said...

Hi April

It is a small world (or small world wide web).

This is Patty from Canadia (The Canuck) that you have chatted with at The Fringe Podcast.

I was looking for inspiration for a craft room I want to make, and came accross this photo and your blog. I couldn't believe it, when I saw "The Fragrant Hand"! Wow.

Look forward to chatting again, and now I have a face for the name.

Elle The Heiress said...

Your stamps are more organized than mine...and I'm a CTMH consultant! You also have a ton more than me, but I don't tend to hang on to mine. If I haven't touched it in a year - it gets sold.

April said...

I need to clear some of them out. I've been collecting them since 2000!

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