Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not Yet Normal After Ike

Having the power restored has been HUGE. It's so nice to have phone service, light, air conditioning, TV, and Internet again. We are certainly more comfortable but life is not back to normal, yet.

I am trying not to go out on the roads as the traffic signals are still out and I live near a major, busy road and it is very dangerous with the signals out. People who have returned to work must brave these conditions and wait in long lines for fuel in order to get to work. My local supermarket has not re-opened. The schools are still closed... looking at the district website it says kids will be out thru the rest of the week, but it does not actually say that school will resume on Monday. It says,
"Other obstacles include the delivery of supplies and food products to the district, as well as nonfunctional traffic lights that would interfere with the safe and timely delivery of students traveling to and from school.
The district will remain closed until schools and facilities are safe for students and staff members."
There was just an update on our church website saying "Sunday morning service will be held at 10:30 am regardless of power." from this I gather that the church must be without power. Many families are still without power. A news report today at 12:30 said that a million "customers" (57%) are still without power. We have loaned out our generator to another family now that our own power has been restored. We are trying to move forward but things certainly are not yet back to normal. Please continue to pray for all the people affected by this storm.

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