Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike Updates Here

Friday 10:06 PM
We just lost power for the first time, it came right back up but no telling how much longer we will have power. Right now it's getting windy out but it has not yet begun to rain. The eye is still supposed to come pretty close to us, may even go over us, but we are not going to be on the dirty side.

Friday 5:20 PM
News is now reporting that Ike has a 500 mile wide wind field. That is the area that will experience tropical storm force winds and above. Max projected wind speed for my zip code is 78 MPH.

Projected Wind Speeds By Zip Code
This site is unavailable as I'm trying to check it, I think there is too much traffic becuase it's featured on one of the local news stations right now.

I'll update here as long as I am able - once the power goes out I won't be able to do that anymore.

Friday 12:10
We're starting to see some clouds, and we're having gusty winds.

Friday 11:30 AM
A little good news (for us) the storm turned a bit in the night. At least now we will probably be on the clean side. We'll still have hurricane force winds and lots of rain. They are saying everyone in the region is going to get that because this storm is just so wide. I think they were saying hurricane force winds 100 miles out and Tropical Storm force winds another 200 miles out. Something that big is just unfathomable. We have battened down the hatches. They've told us to get all our prep done this morning because we're going to start seeing rain soon. Landfall is expected between 2-4 AM Saturday morning. I hear there are places in Galveston where the first floor is already under water. If you look at Galveston on a map, you'll understand why they don't want anyone on that island fort this storm!

I took pictures of the house all boarded up. (I've now posted these bellow.) Robert is cutting boards now to board up some windows for the neighbor and we're nearly done moving everything from the backyard into the garage. The house feels so gloomy and depressing with the windows boarded up... but I know once it starts to howling I'll be so glad for those boards.

We boarded up all the windows downstairs except for the back door - couldn't figure out what to nail into - the window in that door is Plexiglas. We also couldn't cover the big window above the front door - it's a big arching thing.


April said...

We would have if we could, but it took us 2 days just to do all the windows downstairs, especially becuase yesterday it was ME helping Robert - I have sawdust everywhere! The boards that they screwed into the hardiplank, today - It took two men to move the boards into place and hold them while I (yes April the power tool girl!) used the power drill to set the screws. I don't know how we could have done that on top of a ladder besideds not having 3 ladders. At least next storm, the wood will already be cut to size for the downstairs. We are planning to spend the night downstairs becuse of the possibility of tornadoes, which can rip a roof off. In the event of a tornado which every one assures me we WILL here if there is one - we will shelter in a tiny closet under the stairs - poor vaccum cleaner lost its home.

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