Wednesday, September 24, 2008

20 Mile Trek

I spent 2 hours of today getting Ethan's medication. The pediatrician's office building has not yet re-opened after the storm so she is working out of a satellite office out-of-town. It's a 20 mile round trip on surface streets (no freeways go out that way from here - going on the freeway would be the long way around.)

Along my trek thru traffic-y areas (mainly from a few major intersections with signals still out) I DID notice the beautiful cloud formations. As I sat in the drive-thru at the pharmacy I marveled at them. Texas clouds form so fast you can WATCH them forming - it's like time-lapse photography only it's not time-lapse - it's real time real life. With big giant clouds like this I think we may be in for a thunderstorm... but then the clouds move so fast (we must have a lot of wind at higher altitudes) they might blow off somewhere else before they drop rain or thunder.
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