Monday, March 28, 2011

Kitchen Tip: Food Processor Cleanup

I recently got a new food processor, my old one was a floor model I bought when I worked in housewares 18+ years ago. My new one is such a pleasure to work with, but some things never change. A lot of food splatters up into the lid of the processor and while my new one is much easier to clean than my old one, I still dread cleaning the lid, bits of food get up inside the feed tubes so that makes 3 pieces to clean. Blech!

So here is a quick tip that will save you from having to wash the lid at ALL.
Cover the lid of your processor with plastic wrap, then put the lid on and do your processing (for the old twist style lid, place the plastic wrap over the open top of the workbowl & then put the lid on.) Now you can process your ingredients
Here is all the food that would have been flung up on my lid. Instead of having to wash the lid, I just removed the plastic and put my lid away still clean.



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