Monday, December 20, 2010

Three Things I Learned From Jamie Oliver

  1. Slice your garlic
    all these years I've been pressing it with a garlic press OMGosh what a difference!
  2. Basmati rice works better for fried rice.
    The flavor also goes better with ginger - I've been using basmati for Indian dishes for awhile, now I'm going to start using it with Asian dishes too!
  3. Fresh home-made food is healthier than eating out.
    Here all this time I've been feeling guilty for cooking with cream, but at least when I cook my family is getting fresh recognizable foods instead of a bunch of preservatives and chemicals.
    He said something on his show Food Revolution - something about you want to be eating foods made with ingredients you could have found in your Gran's kitchen. - I love that. I can DO that!
    Thank you Jamie Oliver!

    1 & 2 I learned from cooking Jamie's recipe Sizzling Beef with Scallions & Black Bean Sauce it's in Food Revolution but it's also on the web. I made the fried rice twice, once with Basmati & the second time with long grain rice. The taste & texture of the Basmati was much better!