Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Classes Part 2

The second Holiday class I am taking is 25 Days of Templates: Holiday taught by Tiffany Tillman at this class I thought was a great supplement to the journaling class in case I wanted to make some of the journaling into scrapbook pages.

This class comes with 50 Photoshop Elements Page templates & the instruction is about how to use and manipulate templates to create more customized digital pages. I anticipate that I will complete this content after the holidays are over and with forever access to the materials and classrooms I can always take advantage of them. So far I have watched the instructional videos for days 1-5, not too bad. These daily lessons are mostly about 5 minutes long, so easy to work into the day along with morning coffee.

My first Journal Your Christmas page was actually made from a template from the summer edition of this class. Summer Template 11 by Tiffany Tillman at Design House Digital


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