Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's Your Superpower?

Today @HomeschoolSue who is also known on her blog as The Homeschool Chick tweeted the following.

I love that! As a Mom I DO feel like I have superpowers. Sometimes I feel like the superhero's alter ego who doesn't get CREDIT for having superpowers, but I have them. I think that God has endowed each mother with the potential, the aptitude, the giftedness that will be required to mother the particular children that He gives us.

I find confidence because of the conviction that I am the person chosen by God as the best fit for my son. This is something I have spent time thinking about. I have a lot of super powers, but I think the one that is the unique key to being the right Mom in my family is that I keep getting up.

You know in the movies where the big villain/bully is telling the little guy he's just trounced to "Just stay down." Well I'm the scrappy superhero who keeps getting up.

Even when I feel intimidated, or defeated or like I'm spinning my wheels and getting nowhere... I may even have myself a cry, but then I shake myself, I lift up my head, I get up and go at it again.

And you know, it's the scrappy ones who triumph in the end.
What's your superpower?


scrapchick said...

Fun post! Hmmm, I guess I am like you, I may have a little cry but I get back up & don't give up. :)

Cheryl said...

Great post, April! Picking yourself back up, no matter how hard the fall, is a great superpower to have. :)

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