Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Still Love My Kindle

Sometime in June an update to the Kindle 2 operating system was released, included in the update was the ability to share highlights over Twitter and/or Facebook.

This new feature allows me to share passages on Twitter (or Facebook if I want.) This particular passage I wanted to share with my brother, who isn't on Twitter:
I highlighted the passage, clicked to share on Twitter and off it went! It looks like this:
Tweet Link

Twitter linked to the passage of text I wished to share (and now I have a link to it that I can email to my brother.) The quote must have a limit as to lenght as the final word is missing, the last line should read "shortly after."
Link to Quote

Isn't that cool!


Carrie/scrapchick said...

Oh that's cool! I saw a woman with a pink one - looked like a Kindle reading it on the back of the stroller yest as she waited for other kids to get off rides. I was jealous! lol

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