Monday, July 12, 2010

Picture Summer Day 9: The Shape of Things

runner up

This was the day we were at Disneyland, it was difficult to take photos of shapes when there were so many personal photos I wanted to take. I really like this one, but it doesn't really go with her explanation of the prompt for shapes.

I don't know, which one do you think I should put in the class gallery? Or should I cheat & use this one from last Saturday? It is most like what I think she meant for us to do...


Carrie said...

Nice pics! I really like the first! Are you enjoying the class?

April said...

I am really enjoying the class... but I regret not having time to set up & tweak them a little more... but I can always redo some when I get home & have more time. I felt like I was doing Guerrilla Photography at Disney trying to grab pictures before the line moved or the crowd shifted. lol

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