Friday, January 29, 2010

Kitchen Wishlist

Carrie the ScrapChick at Through The Camera Lens posted her top 3 items on her baking wishlist & asked "What's on your wishlist?" So this is my answer to her query.

For years I have wanted a beautiful piece of LeCreuset. I remember it was a treat when Mom and I would go shopping, to go in and wonder over all the beautiful cooking equipment at Williams Sonoma. It was a magical place to us, like Santa's Workshop, it was a candy store for cooks. Back then I had my eye on a beautiful burgundy Roasting pan. Now that I am more of a seasoned cook what I long for is a Dutch Oven in blue. Have I mentioned I love blue? Unfortunately the price tag of a LeCreuset enamel dutch oven is, shall we say, prohibitive. I think it costs as much as my entire set of cookware...

BUT joy of joys a few weeks ago in Wall-mart I spotted this lovely beauty at a perfectly respectable price tag. Its made by Lodge, an American company and my preferred brand in cast iron. Today I discovered Amazon has it in 4 colors including blue... but at this point I have kind-of become attached to the red. Decisions decisions.....

Next is something I have long wanted, but never bothered to track down, but low and behold there they were on Carrie's blog. Rolling pin bands! Then I'll need a pastry mat to do all that rolling on.

Magnetic Measuring Spoons even though I have a set of Cuisipro oval stainless measuring spoons... and they are marvelous! I think every kitchen needs 2 sets of measuring spoons. Just try measuring baking soda after adding vanilla.... so I'd like to try these magnetic spoons as my backup set.

And now my guilty secret. I keep looking at these in the store and I have almost bought them at least 5 times. Wilton Brownie Pop molds. Yeah like I need to be eating brownie pops... but every time I go to H.E.B. I have to go over and look at them with longing. Check out these halloween brownie pops... they are just so CUTE!


Carrie/scrapchick said...

OMG that blue is SO pretty! I love blue too and every time I see someone using a dutch oven I get jealous. But I'm also loving the reds I see in kitchen stuff so I feel your pain of making a decision. Great wish list! I so agree on 2 sets of meas. spoons!

Carole said...

You know, I have also been lusting after a LeCreuset dutch oven as well, and like you, I can't see spending that much for a pot. But I have these little fantasies that I'm going to make Julia Child's "boeuf bourguignon" in it. Ah well. I love the brownie pop tray though - I've never seen that before!

Cheryl said...

April, you just taught me something new. I had NO idea that rolling pin bands even existed, let alone what they did (I had to Google to figure out its purpose, LOL). I have always wanted a LeCreuset (even more so after watching Julie & Julia last night), but have yet to justify spending the money. Those brownie pop molds are genius!

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