Monday, January 25, 2010

I feel like a T. I. double "g" r.

That's the bouncy enthusiastic Tigger of Winnie The Pooh fame, in case you didn't follow that reference. It's a little more difficult to convey in print - see the video below.

I have two work surfaces in my craft room. I have just one rolling office chair, the second seating solution in my room is a medicine ball. Yeah, you heard me right. One of those silver balls from the Yoga equipment section of Target. How on earth did I come up with THAT idea... well I'll tell you.

I was at dinner one night with a friend whose company had an ergonomic expert come in and review their offices space. Her office chair was taken away and replaced with a medicine ball. Something about how it makes you sit up straight and is much better for you back. I have back problems, so within the week I ran out and bought a medicine ball.

So now that I am getting back into my newly (and still in process) organized craft room. Today I decided to try the medicine-ball-as-chair. I tell you it is fabulous! I DO need to find the pump for it, it's been sitting for awhile and needs a little more air... it is a tad low for my work surface, but just fine for computing. I had my coffee in here this morning while catching up on email & Twitter, with music playing. A more bouncy and energetic morning I have not had AND I AM NOT a MORNING PERSON!!! I have been bouncing and rolling along with the music. As an added bonus my abs are getting a fun little workout and a stronger core is always good for your back. I wouldn't have this as my only chair... but it is incredibly fun as a second option.

To quote our friend Tigger my morning has been "Bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun fun fun fun fun! That's saying something for a Monday Morning that we missed the bus.


April said...

I find myself needing/wanting to invest in a medicine ball after your post! :) TTFN! (Tigger sure is great on a Monday morning, um, I mean afternoon!)

April said...

April P,
I also just discovered that you can play the drums on it.

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