Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Think I'm In Love

My favorite chip is the last one on the plate, the one that sat next to the dill pickle spear for the whole meal.
I am in love with these chips. I haven't had anything this good since I quit working in that office that was on the Charles Chips delivery route (and these might be better.)

Alas they are not easy to come by.... but I can imagine going thru a case of them over the summer, what with sharing and some hamburger cookouts!

Here is how Route 11 describes themselves on the back of the bag, "Relative to the rest of the snack world, we are still small potatoes. And that's exactly how we like it. This small size affords a chipper attention to detail."

Here is a link to the Route 11 Website where you can see all their flavors, look for stores that sell their chips in your area and contemplate ordering a case if nobody in your area sells their chips (I tell you I'm really considering it!)
And I find this flavor really intriguing!
Mama Zuma's Revenge Green Chile Enchilada (Mild) I wonder if I can track down a bag of this flavor to try?

Update: 11/14/09 I found these at a World Market store. It isn't listed on the website of companies that carry them, so I don't think it's something they carry all the time.


Carole said...

I have heard of dill pickle flavored potato chips before, and heard people rave about how good they are, but I have never seen these in a store where I live. I went to the website and they are in fact sold in NY, but not anywhere near me, although there are some places in NYC. However, I usually go to NYC at Christmastime, so maybe I'll stop in at Dean & Deluca just to see if I can score these chips! :-P I love pickles, so I'm SURE I would love these.

Carrie/scrapchick said...

Ohhh I have to look for these! I love Dill chips!

April said...

I found these at a "World Market" store (I think they are the same as Cost Plus) but I don't think it's something they carry all the time. I'm going to go back and get more before they sell out!

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