Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kelly's Wellies

I know Kelly from Twitter. You've got to see the cute altered Wellies that she made (for my fellow Yanks, wellies is short for Wellington Boots - they are great for rain, not just gardening... I wish they were easier to find here in the states.)

Anyway Kelly started with an adorable flowered pair, and altered them to make short boots. I have curvy calves as well & frequently have the same problem she does with high boots being too tight. --- Scrapbookers, here's a teaser.... she used her Crop-A-Dile on this project! Multi purposing Scrapbook tools is always a great thing!
With all the rain we have here in Houston, I think I need to start seeking a nice pair of Wellies online. I had no idea they made them in such cute prints! Perhaps it'll be my jump into sewing project. I secretly want to sew, I am just afraid of failure...

Go see Kelly's cute wellies over at


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