Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Desert Island Question - What would you take?

Ok so Cathy Zielske is the teacher of Me, The Abridged Version a scrapbooking class that I am taking online from Big Picture Scrapbooking... I'm not that hot into scrapbooking just now, I have a lot going on in my life, but the class I took from Cathy last spring was so much fun, that I decided to try another. It's the writing and self-discovery about her classes that I find so enjoyable. So, for this class she's emailing us a thought provoking (or fun) question each day to help us with writing about ourselves. Here is today's question:

Today's question: You are going to a desert island for the rest of your
days. Excluding people, what five things do you take and why?
I haven't done my writing for this yet... but this is my initial response:

  • Pride and Prejudice - no scratch that I'd take my Kindle and load it up with all
    my favorite books, hurrah for technology!

  • My Chef's Knife --- The whole of life runs more smoothly when you have a good knife in the kitchen.

Anybody wanna share what you'd take?

I'm back. I just keep looking with affection at this picture of my favorite knife. Seriously, I should name it. Any ideas of a good name for a kitchen knife?


my cup of tea said...

I like the name (Red) for the knife! I have to think about the other question.

Sheila Bennett said...

Well, but how long do you think the Kindle batteries will last? lol

April said...

Oh I'd rid up some kind of battry out of coconuts ala Gilligan's Island. Besides Cathy said she was taking her laptop. So it's a desert island but it's got WiFi.

Cheryl said...

That's the prettiest knife I've ever seen!

Yeah, so I'm not even close to finished with my writing for that class. ::sigh::

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