Thursday, September 10, 2009


The package I was waiting for arrived, today. I ordered Photoshop Elements for an online class I am taking (Cathy Zielske's Me, The Abridged Version) and I had ordered Another Stab at Life a book by Anita Higman. Anita Higman is a Christian author from here in Houston. I met her at work last year and she gave me an autographed copy of book 2 in this series (Another Hour to Kill), I was looking for book 1 at my Christian Bookstore or on Kindle but finally broke down and ordered it on Amazon. Next time, I will believe Amazon when they say their super saver shipping takes 9 days. My Photoshop class started a week ago, oops! At least now I'm all set to read & write.

The second delivery was wholly unlooked for. Today is my 14th wedding anniversary and hubby has a business function to attend tonight... but at 4 PM there was a knock on the door & lo and behold he sent me some lovely flowers (no photo because he took the camera for the business function.) Robert doesn't usually "do" flowers so this is a big deal. My sweetie! :D


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