Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rachael Ray, Sandra Lee, and Julia Child

I want to tell you about a blog I enjoy it's called Everything Rachael Ray . Madeline, who writes the blog reports on Everything Rachael Ray. I first discovered her blog when she linked to one of my posts where I had prepared a Rachael Ray recipe. Since that time I have been enjoying checking in on her site and seeing what is going on in the world of Rachael Ray. I particularly enjoy the weekly feature Rachael Ray Roundup. In this week's Roundup Madeline says:
"Rachael gives a hint to Newsweek that she doesn't appreciate being lumped in
with Sandra Lee. Gotta say I agree with Rach on this one - her recipes don't
rely on prepared foods like Lee's do. "

I followed Madeline's link and read the Newsweek article Sandra Lee: The Anti Julia & found I had a number of things to say on the subject...

I too agree with Rachael that she doesn't belong in the same category as Sandra Lee.
Yes, they both have recipes for the masses... but Sandra Lee's philosophy is "instant plus" while Rachael's message (in my opinion) is -If I can do this you can too. Which does remind me of Julia Child's anyone can learn to cook attitude. Following Rachael's Recipes has stretched my tastes and those of my family getting us to try new flavors and ingredients.

I make a lot of Rachael's recipes and what I am doing in my kitchen is definitely cooking! It's not the Mix-Mix Toss-Toss* of most of Sandra Lee's recipes.

I'd also like to mention that in The Way To Cook (my introduction to Julia Child recipes) Julia refers to Extra Virgin Olive Oil as EVOO. This book was published in 1989. I remember reading it and being surprised, I'm currently searching to find it again. When I do I'll add the page # here.

*Mix-Mix Toss-Toss is a call back to a delightful scene in The Easter Parade where the waiter, Fran├žois; memorably played by Jules Munshin, describes the making of a special salad. Video clip embedded at the top of this post.

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Julie said...

Cool blog,gonna add that to my reader. Do you do a lot of gourmet cooking? Wish I did but never any time and my kids are the fussiest eaters!! I toyed with going to cooking school for a while...

April said...

I wouldn't say the cooking I do is gourmet. I do cook a lot and enjoy doing it. I like sauces, it seems like most of what I do ends up having a pan sauce. I enjoy the creativity of the kitchen, it's such a great way to express yourself, then you get to eat the result.

My son can be a fussy eater too, but loves, spinach... go figure. I try to expose him to a lot of different things & I refuse to cook a sepearate kid meal (well if I'm making salad for dinner, I might.) Of course this is how we came to eat so much pasta, becuase he loves pasta.

I'm so glad you enjoy the site!

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