Thursday, April 2, 2009

Honey Mustard Pretzel Crisps

I got addicted to these salty little crisps when Weight Watcher's used to sell them... I'm not a fan of pretzels but these are flat and crisp, like a cross between a pretzel, a cracker, and a chip. They're very tasty and handle that chip craving for me. In fact I think I would rather eat these than chips! Weight Watcher's now carries a different flavor, Garlic Parmesan, which just aren't as good as the honey mustard ones..

A month or so ago I discovered something that looked VERY similar and tastes the same at my Kroger store. They're crispy with more chew to them than a chip, and the honey mustard flavor is nice and strong and tasty. I just love these little things! So I finally did a comparison and the points value per serving is the same as the ones they sell at Weight Watcher's which is 2 points for 10 crisps. My Kroger now stocks them in the wine aisle, I guess they are an upscale snack, but I originally found them over by the full-service deli between the gourmet cheese case and the all natural foods. I did also find pretzel crisps at my Super Walmart but they didn't have the honey mustard flavor.

They're made by a company called The Snack Factory. I like the Honey Mustard & Onion flavor. Here is a link to their website, they do have a store locator:


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