Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Updates

12:45 - Ethan chatters constanlty and is thirsty or one thing or annother. I remembered that we haven't filled the bathtubs with water, so am upstairs waiting for them to finish filling up. The rain is driving on the windows.

12:03 - Sat out in driveway with neighbors for about 20 minutes watching the clouds and flashing colored lights in the sky. Never figured out what those were exactly. Came in when occasional rain turned to spray. Are trying to get some sleep for a few hours, now. Wind is whisting outside but no more than a regular storm at this point.

Neighbors behind us left out their trampoline, BBQ and all their lawn furniture. The dad was out there bouncing on the trammpoline while I was taking sunset pictures. It steams me that we cleared our yard and could end up with damage from their stuff. Oh well, what can you do?

11:12 - Began eating the See's Candy I got for my anniversary. When the air conditioning goes out, it will melt and I'm not wasting a perfectly good box of See's. Just about to go outside and sit in the driveway with the neighbors. Still not rain. Lights just flickered again, but power didn't actually go out.

Tornado shelter/closet under the stairs.
So spacious for the 3 of us! LOL!

We can really hear the wind getting pretty strong, now - 3 power outs but it has come right back up again.


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