Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike Area Photos

Got Robert's Laptop online trying to upload some photos.
These are photos we took just on our way to and from lunch yesterday in a local strip mall. Just this short trip told us that our neighborhood was lucky. Or rather that we had some special protection, thanks everyone for your prayers!

Still no power. Weather is cooler today which is very welcome.
School is out until Thursday. We appreciate everyone's continued prayers.

Click Photos for Larger View

Sunday - Nearly Every traffic signal had at least one part hanging down into the street by a wire. Signals still are out.

Sunday - Trees broken and twisted are everywhere.

This Power Pole is snapped at the base, we are on opposite side of divided road. Driving out to lunch we had to go UNDER it only thing holding it up is that it is still attached to the power lines. We think this will delay our power getting back up even longer as they are not yet even restringing wires, much less setting new poles.


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