Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blossoms, Bubbles and Little Boys

These pages are of my lovely Mother who is no longer with us. Ethan is the only grandchild in my family and she doted on him. She had that grandmother's gift of always knowing what would delight... a grandmother's patience and relish for the activity as well.

The quote was about grandmothers, but Mom was a Nana - so I adapted the quote accordingly. It reads, "Nobody can do for little children what Nanas do. Nanas sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children. "

I made this layout while she was still living and was able to show it to her. She was a little self concious about having her cheeks puffed out in the photos... That surprised me, I always thought she looked so beautiful in these pictures. She was in her element, playing with her grandson, in her yard with even the Jacaranda tree in blossom behind her.

Her other comment regarding this page was that the quote was backward and should have said Nobody can do for Nanas what grandchildren do. Grandchildren sprinkle stardust over the lives of Nanas. How I miss her.

It occurs to me that I should add a pull out tag in order to include and preserve her comments.

Customizing a Level 1 Kit

These pages are made with a preprinted layout. Floral Impressions Level 1 Kit from Close To My Heart. I wanted to keep the pages very simple so they would enhance the photos without competing for attention. On the left hand page the was a space for a very large photo. My photo was smaller and ran horizontal (landscape) while the provided space was vertical (portrait.) I made the page fit my needs by placing a photo plus a text box into the space. I matted the photo, and created the text box from matching printed paper. I added a file tab, brads and a spiral clip.

On the righgt hand page I simply added green mats to 2 of the photos and lilac mats to the remaining two photos.


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